Live filming events, international tours plus an Annual standup & comedy film festival in Las Vegas.

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Check out some of our upcoming Laugh After Dark events and live filming experiences + get tickets!

october 7-9, 2024
ComedyFest is an annual festival that brings the comedy community together for a one-of-a-kind celebration of laughter! Get ready for an incredible lineup of events, screenings, showcases, panels, and more, all set in the Las Vegas Arts District.

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Laugh After Dark live events are like pure movie magic brought to life! We consider our audiences to be the most important part of every show, tour, and production we put together. Since our audiences are the real stars of the show, we pay attention to every detail to make sure we create events that we ourselves would love to attend.

We're so excited to have the opportunity to laugh with you! Laugh After Dark shows and productions are all about laughing together because together, we make the magic happen!