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The Laugh After Dark Comic Portal is a brand new way for comedians everywhere to join Laugh After Dark and be considered for upcoming projects, filmings, and live shows, plus keep us up to date with their comedy careers!

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joining the lad comic portal


When you join the LAD Comic Portal, in addition to being automatically considered for future Laugh After Dark projects, events, and productions, you are also joining an independent comedy movement dedicated to fostering growth, community, and opportunities for comedians within the entertainment industry.

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You've got questions? We have answers!

We may be biased but we definitely thin you should join! Its the best way to make sure our team of producers knows who you are and what you’re up to when its time to book or cast a new project!

YES! Just because it wasn’t the right time before doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future! We believe that there is a right stage for every comic but that not every stage is right for every comic. Make your profile, keep working, and keep your profile up to date with all your best work.

Yes. It does cost to submit to ComedyFest. While the portal and maintaining your profile is forever 100% free, and a complete LAD Comic Portal Profile is required to submit to the ComedyFest, submission fees to the annual Laugh After Dark ComedyFest are an additional cost to all who wish to be considered.

If you would like to submit your profile to be considered for nomination into the festival, you will need to login to your LAD Comic Portal and purchase the submission fee. You can see current submission fees and get the most updated information at 

Great question! The LAD Comic Portal is private and not public facing. Your profile and all the information you share with us is private and is only accessible by our organization for the purposes of booking, casting, databasing, communication, transactional information, marketing, and submissions. You can read more about how your data is handled in our privacy policy. 

While technically we can’t stop others from joining, the LAD Comic Portal is specifically for comedians to  keep their profile up to date with the Laugh After Dark team for casting, booking, and if they want to submit to the Laugh After Dark ComedyFest. 

Each profile has room for up to 3 video links

No. Unfortunately we can’t work with everyone all at once and we can’t guarantee any results from your participation in the Laugh After Dark Comic Portal. 

We are always in development on new projects and being asked for booking and casting recommendations. You literally never know what we’re up to next, so keeping your profile updated with your best/most current standup clips, contact, and location information will keep your profile populating!